Financial Abundance and What hinders us from having it

When you have clarity, not confidence, you cannot be an effective leader. (John C. Maxwell)

Fear. That one words tells the reason for all my problems.

I was afraid I wasn’t enough, afraid I didn’t have enough. I was afraid I’d never have enough and never be enough. Wanna hear something ironic? Now that I know I am more than enough, I have more than enough, and I give more than I used to give, more than I “should” give or “can”. I sometimes give my last money to help a homeless person, and I have no clue how I’ll get food; I just know that God will provide, and HE ALWAYS DOES in a big way! It all tends to come full circle.

I know one thing; no matter what I always have everything, as long as I have Jesus, I have everything I need right here in side of me. (Hand on my heart) I also know that I always have love to give others. When we give love, we always get it back. Sometimes it’s not from that same person, but at least we can feel loved by God, knowing that we did what we would have done to or for us.

It makes me happy to help others, to make them smile or laugh, to hug them or just let them know I’m praying for them. I can show I’m thinking of them with a text, call, an email, or a card in the mail. Maybe I can’t do everything, but I will always do the things that I can do, as long as I’m around to do them.

The only way to genuine success is to be our genuine selves. Nobody likes a phony, and nobody likes flattery, just be confident in who you are.

I had so many addictions, and they controlled me. I was addicted to alcohol,  drugs, cigarettes, food and many other things. I have conquered all those things through Christ and my own will to become better. And with a sobriety date of December 23, 2007, I feel confident in the unshackling of my soul. I quit smoking cigarettes more than 9 years ago. That was the first addiction to go. I was tired of having outside things control me.

Jim Rohn says “If you want to have more, you have to become more. If you don’t have enough, perhaps you haven’t become enough”.

I agree, but would add: Don’t be afraid of the greatness you have inside of you! Don’t lower your standards to raise society’s, raise your standards more, and turn the fire up to change society!

BE YOU! Be the change you want to see in the world!

In Love,



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