Don’t LIE! Want Something? TAKE IT!

“Dear God, I want some things” God gives them to you “No thanks, God. I’m good.”

I realized in life that I have been fighting things too much and making things too hard.

I said I always wanted to help kids. First, I wanted to help the kids in my life. I wanted to help my nieces and nephews. Then I decided I wanted to help ALL kids. I want them to stay on the right path.

I get so afraid of talking to people sometimes, because I don’t want them to know I’m homeless and try to “help” me (hinder, by asking questions and wasting time or telling me to go to shelters I’ve tried in vain to get into, etc.)

I recently have had a lot of kids come up and want to talk to me. I specifically wanted to help high school students. High school was the hardest time of my life and I believe it’s harder for a lot of students today, particularly students from low-income families.

I am honored to have kids come to me and feel safe to say “hi” or share.

This morning I had a God-instance. A young man came to say hi “I see you exercising all the time. Not a lot of people exercise like you do.” That was the match that started the flame of friendship.

This is a young boy of 17 who goes to school near me.

This young man is amazing and resilient. After a few minutes of talking, he said “Can you read this scripture for me?” (It was Phil 3:13-14) He told me how he was forced to take special classes until he was in high school, at which point he made his mother sign him out of it and he wants to break free. He’s been doing VERY well. He works, he takes care of the house, does GREAT in school, and attends church regularly. He said “But now, I’m just average.” I said “NO, YOU’RE NOT! You’re amazing and don’t let anyone tell you any differently.” I told him about how I did all he was doing when I was his age, but I was stupid and got into drugs. I told him I want to keep in contact with him and help keep him encouraged on the right path.

We talked about how what we hold on to hinders us.(Like Paul said in Phil 3:13-14.)  The past and our past attitudes and remembering people who hurt us are keeping us stuck.  Pastor reminded us on Sunday “We will not be forgiven by our father if we don’t forgive.” (Matt 6:15)

I also shared 2 Corinthians 9:6 –“Sow sparingly and reap sparingly. Sow generously, reap generously. (My paraphrasing) NOT tithe! That is only 10% and I give according to what I want to have—GOD WILL GIVE YOU SO MUCH MORE THAN WHAT YOU GIVE” I told him. That is true, I forgot to tell him that the greatest gifts are people. But I’m sure he already knew that….

I will never say “God, I can’t do what you told me to do.” Again…(Phil 4:13, Heb 12:6)

I now am collaborating with a youth minister I met and am founding a youth group in Forest Acres. Anyone interested, PLEASE get in touch. Message me your number and I will call you! Thank you!






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