If I could tell the world one thing it’d be this: Love yourself enough to BE yourself. That’s how you can empower others and set them free. Then we can all be happy. That’s what God wants. God loves us all the same but He created us all magically unique!

On Halloween, the shocking and satisfying reality of my life is this: My costume today would be more of a concealing than my every day clothes. I am who I am. I don’t hide– nor apologize. God made me special, just like you and I’m not afraid to be the loving, eccentric, “crazy” lady y’all ALL love! The thought of everyone else out there smiling with the joy of the Lord in their hearts—visible on your faces and in y’alls walk, is what keeps my motor moving every day!

I finally took that quote seriously. “Your playing small does NOT serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so the people around you won’t feel insecure. The more you let your light shine, the more it empowers others.” (Marianne Williamson)

So—GO! HAVE FUN in the skin you’re in—SHOW LOVE! Empower others, and that is what will ignite your taste for life and keep you gas tank full! Thank you for YOU!


Liberty V Justice

No period in my “V” because my victories never end and yours don’t have to either my friends!



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Liberty Justice

Author, Speaker, Musician--GAME CHANGER! CHAMPIONS CO-EXIST, come to join us on YouTube!

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