Homeless Lives Matter!

Homeless Lives Matter

Liberty V Justice is in Finlay park among her comrades in homelesses shooting the first in the series “Homeless Lives Matter” for her You Tube Show! Liberty loves y’all! Y’all are beautiful, and don’t y’all ever let anyone tell you any different. Jesus loves you no matter what! Christ has unconditional love and I pray to God that I can show y’all Christ’s love. I love you whether you are on drugs, alcohol, whether you are poor, disabled, selling your body for money—no matter what you do. You are not who you think you are. God made you beautiful. God don’t make no junk! My prayer is that y’all see yourselves the way I see you right now. You are not your circumstance or your addiction. You have no reason to feel guilty for the pain others have inflicted on you!

You WILL rise above and I will lead y’all out of this! We CAN do this together! Thanks for sharing yourselves with me openly and honestly! Let’s just love one another. Let’s work together and rise above in love! Peace, prosperity and prayers to you ALL!



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Liberty Justice

Author, Speaker, Musician--GAME CHANGER! CHAMPIONS CO-EXIST, come to join us on YouTube!

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