Fearless Freeway Freedom

Running in Blythewood, South Carolina is a huge jump from Columbia. A new place can seem daunting for running and at 6:30 am, Blythewood is incredibly dark.

There are less buildings; therefore less light. I prayed “God help me be mindful of the drivers and share the road but help me to stand firm in my position.”

Boy did He ever. He opened my eyes to my own beauty and to The Promised Land I’ve been in, which is now fully manifesting into my reality.

“The cars will light your way.” God told me. “Don’t be afraid, they’ll take care of you, as I have been.”

For the first time in my life, I trusted not only God, but myself. And I trusted all those around me—strangers, whose faces I may never see. In the Army, it’s similar, with one reverse outcome: You may never know their names or anything about them, but you will never forget your Battle Buddies’ faces.

As God said, the cars did light my way. Many of them moved to accommodate my fearless freeway freedom. In gratitude, I gave them what they believe is “the peace sign”. To me it’s my “victory” sign. It means I conquered myself again today. It means that I am now fully confident in myself and my abilities. Not only do I not care if others approve, but I do not feel a need to explain or jump out of the way. Now I stand my ground when I know I’m doing right by God and myself.

It means that I can trust others to do the right thing because I am around doing the right things.

That’s why I wake up early every day, waiting at the starting line for my friends to follow. As long as I am the example and show compassion and understanding to those around me, we’ll all finish this race by passionately persevering in love!

Thanks for all your support! Love you guys!

Liberty! xoxo



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Liberty Justice

Author, Speaker, Musician--GAME CHANGER! CHAMPIONS CO-EXIST, come to join us on YouTube!

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