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I’m thankful the Lord is restoring my family, He’s giving my family our old relationships back–especially those we have with ourselves. I believe each one of us as individuals is starting to become healthier–physically, mentally and spiritually, which helps us all have better relationships with each other.

I thank God for my brother who’s been clean from drugs for a few years now. He also recently got over something he’s been battling with for many years and I couldn’t be happier. He is now free to move on with his life. I cannot share that with you– it’s part of his journey. I am so proud he got his associate’s from triangle tech. To see my little brother living to his fullest potential makes my heart sing!

I thank God most of all for my relationship with my mother starting to be restored to what we had when I was a prepubescent girl. I thank God for mom’s health and the fact that she has always been there to take care of me, my brother, sister, cousin and then their kids. Mom now has a college degree and a wonderful career she enjoys and is proud of. I am so proud of her and my brother.

I’m proud of everyone else too, but I’m saving that for another blog. I thank you all for reading and for your support of myself and my family in prayer and any other way you’ve been here for us!

Love and prayers always,




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