Supply and Demand: Raise Your Value as a Woman


The reason men love a woman that has her own life is the law of supply and demand. When there’s a lot of something, it costs less. The easier something is to get, the less you want it. You may love mac and cheese, and if someone says “Here’s some mac and cheese for ya!” You accept it and eat it, because it’s right in front of you, free, and easy. But if someone says “Hey you want a t-bone?” That option is much more appealing–because it’s a rare treat. You value it more because it’s harder to get. We as people like to earn things. We are unhappy having things handed to us. Even if it’s something we really want, we’re less likely to care for and appreciate it the way we should if the way we acquired it was too easy.

If you go to men all the time, talk to them and constantly make yourself available, you seem desperate. It’s like those commercials you hear constantly that are annoying to the point of worming their way into your shower singing routine. It’s like you’re saying “You will like me because I’ll annoy you to death until you do.” You can’t tell someone they need you, you have to make yourself valuable in their eyes. Next time, we’ll talk about how we can achieve that.

Thanks for reading everyone! I love and pray for you all! Please let me know your thoughts, if you think I’m wrong, or if I am on the right track. Or do you have anything to add to my thoughts? I am the perpetual student, let me learn from you!

Love Liberty!




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