Take Care of Small Things, God Gives You More

Ever notice that when you have less of something, you take better care of it?

I noticed this recently. I keep telling God “I want to be more focused, more organized” I want less distractions from my purpose in You, Lord. I wanted to be better at my craft of writing. I was so insecure I had a ton of things going, blindly shooting at every target trying to get a hit. From my experience, I can confirm what Socrates said is true: “A man who chases two rabbits catches none.”

I will tell you that you can hit a target that way, but you’ll never hit a bulls eye.

I had at least 3 pens, at all times. I would put a pen in each pocket of my purse, then I’d put one in my jacket and I’d keep collecting more pens, for the fear of losing them. I feared loss so bad, that it was exactly what happened.

I narrowed down to one pen. I took one pen, and put it in my purse in the same spot every time. I never lost that pen, I ran out of ink occasionally, but I never had a problem finding my pen or losing it.

I have to focus on one major thing in my life (and even one small thing, like pens) and give God the opportunity to be my Jehovah Jira (my provider) like He’s always been, even when it comes to little old pens.

If I trust in God to do the little things, He will do bigger things.

Just like when He trusts in me to do the little things and then I consistently am obedient with them, He gives me more.

I’m grateful to God for all I have learned through this so called “tragedy” or “obstacle” of homelessness. I only see opportunities in which I ask God to make me better, and He always does.

Thanks for reading and I love you all!





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Liberty Justice

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