It’s Not Right!

Ever notice how when someone says “What’s wrong?” and you respond negatively “Actually….”(launching into your sad story) that it’s not too long before they start telling you theirs?

It’s been hypothesized that it’s because negativity is contagious. While I concur, the fact is, the question was negative, which led you to choose your negative over your positives. Neurobiologically, our brains sync up, so we need to acknowledge the positive if we want others to acknowledge it. Want more positivity? You’re the thermostat. Your world is your mirror.

We all have negative stuff going on at all times, but when we choose to acknowledge the negative, that’s when the negative is magnified like under a microscope. (And vise versa.) That’s why I’m not a big fan of talking or “venting” or when I feel really down, angry or negative. The fact is, a person asks if something is wrong because there’s something wrong within them and they want to acknowledge it to another person. Don’t tell them anything negative on your end, just ask: “How are you?” (I always start by saying how blessed I am–I think this helps a lot of others from being negative–they know I’m still without permanent housing and God’s still healing me.)

If you want to become even better, consistently go where there are people that have the characteristics you have or want to multiply. You can only get better around people that are better than you. Don’t be intimidated, just ACT with confidence, even if you don’t think you have it, and keep going back. The more you’re around people that are like your future self, the more you’ll want to step up.

Next time you feel yourself starting to say “Is something wrong?” to someone– ask yourself “What is wrong within me right now?” Then go about the business of praying to God and changing the wrong within you to the right. Simple.

My grandma taught me a better approach still: Ask someone “Tell me some good news”.

Thanks for reading, y’all! Please make yourself known to me!




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