Skin Brushing..OOH! How It Heals

“Skin brushing” “Huh?” my female associate said it was supposed to be good for you. Boy did it sound painful! I went in with an open mind, and looked it up online. I decided to try it, but couldn’t find a brush under 20$, in the stores or online. A sales associate at a Whole Foods suggested a more cost conscious choice: “Why buy one of those brushes when you can buy this vegetable brush for only 2$?” Instant friend status! HIGH FIVE! “Wish I had thought of that! Thank God you were here to give me that idea! Good lookin’ out kid! Thanks!” I asked if it would have the same effect, and if the bristles were the same.  She assured me it was. My inner monologue: “What do I have to lose?”

This was over a year ago. Since then I have not only started walking again when Doctors said I’d be in a wheelchair for life, but I’ve started running, among other amazing things God’s done for me!

I tried it for several months and it did it twice a day before showers as recommended. The first time I did it, it felt amazing! I was shocked. of course, it does dry your skin and since I did it in winter, I sometimes forget I had cracked skin on my hands or feet and this caused a slight disturbance in the force. hahaha

I always follow up with coconut oil. It’s become a ritual that I can’t stop doing, almost like an addiction. It opens up your blood vessels and it helps your circulation. It gives you more energy. It helps with your thyroid stimulation. You need to concentrate on your armpits and behind your knees, your feet, hands and your neck and throat. But make sure you go towards the heart, that means you have to do every area a little differently.

Here’s where I get my health products, and food:  Thrive Market

Skin Brushing Tutorial–This is a pretty good tutorial for you–watch on Youtube–it shows you how to skin brush and it’s only 3 mins 19 seconds!

Please let me know what y’all think–of my writing, or the skin brushing..anything! Share your thoughts!

Love, Liberty!


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