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Moms (and expecting mommies) Are you searching for inexpensive, natural products to help ease pregnancy, and help your baby live a healthier life when he or she has their moment in the spotlight and is thrust on stage? (“born”-boring word.)

Thrive Market has a vast array of all natural baby (and expectant mommy) products.

They’re the “Super Mommy to the rescue so you and I can both sleep peacefully” remedies.

Here’s a natural stretch oil used for nipples, stomachs and hips for expecting mamas  Earth Mama Angel Baby Stretch Oil  This oil has only 6 ingredients and they’re all plant based.  

This Earth Mama Baby Bottom Balm is utilitarian. It can be used for diaper rash, but also as a first aid ointment, and for daddy’s razor burn or simply for mama’s dry skin. See for yourself! Universal Earth Mama Angel Baby Balm

With an intriguing name like Gripe Water how can you resist looking at this natural remedy for baby’s stomach aches?

I don’t have babies, so are there any moms that have tested this that can give me a product review? I appreciate you!

Thanks for being such caring moms (and dads that are reading this). Keep up the excellent work. I love you all best explained like this: The babies of today are tomorrow’s doctors, teachers, and politicians!




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