Natural Beauty Products Healed Me

When I was diagnosed with cancer again last year I decided this was going to be the final blow and “I AM VICTORIOUS!” I asked God for wisdom and began researching.

I lost almost all my hair.

I quit using the mainstream products– for one thing they are actually a lot more expensive if we’re solely talking money. And they’re loaded with garbage like sls (sodium lauryl sulfates-) They’re known endocrine disrupting hormones, which can cause things like thyroid problems, and breast cancer in both men and women. It also causes problems with your brain, and other neurological parts.

Every other night, I use Thrive Market’s fair trade, organic NON GMO virgin Coconut oil, Free Coconut Oil on my hair, (like a deep conditioning mask) Then whenever I wash my hair that next day, I wash it out with  Dr Bronner’s because it’s utilitarian. I use it for everything!

You also save 15% on your first order and get a free membership for the first 30 days.

I love that option. I hate making commitments and I hate to make one and then have to remember to cancel in 30 days if I don’t like it. I usually forget, because I have much better things to do than worry about stuff like that. It’s handmade by women, their slogan is “Empowerment for women” and they pay them more than they do most women in the U.S–A LOT more, which is why this stuff is SO DEAR to my heart. I pay that price as much as I can just to support my HARD WORKING ladies!! this is my favorite scent of Alaffia Black soap, and it’s also the cheapest price I’ve ever seen including sale prices for this size bottle. It’s only $8.45 right now.  Alaffia Black Soap.

I never thought I could use bar soap on my hair, but this is tied for my favorite, because it’s the lightest weight and it’s the cheapest and I don’t have to worry about spilling it. It’s also easiest to take with me, if I want to go to the gym or on vacation. Bar Soap for Hair.

I think it’s hilarious how people always say “I knew it was you dancing at the bus stop when I drove by because I recognized your hair.” I’m so full of joy, last year going from almost no hair to long, healthy easy to care for hair that everyone else recognizes, not just me.

I hope y’all consider using stuff made fair trade that’s healthy and more economical for your family. America’s future depends on it. Our health is everything. If we forsake it, we lose it. Love y’all! REMEMBER: YOU’RE WORTH IT!! XOOXOX




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