Giving is Living, Denying is Dying

Honestly if I knew what I had to go through to help the world the way I said I wanted, I probably would have said “no thanks, God!” but, now having gone through it, and seeing the impact it’s starting to have on the lives of others, I am ever more the grateful and I would definitely go through it again. I thank God for all of y’all. We are all valuable and I want to be inspire you to greater heights by making you realize how valuable you are.

I had almost no self control, self discipline or self esteem. I am now healed of all that and I thank God for that. It’s been a little over a year since I spoke with my mother, but I mailed her one of my articles from “The State” and told her I love her and I am praying for her. I decided that I am going to love her no matter what. I pray that my mother gets better physically and I know that I can help her–but only if she really wants to do it.

My mother suffers from diabetes, as did my grandfather before her, as well as my beautiful Aunt Kathy. So, I hope I can help them and my grandma learn more about food and health. My main prayer to help my family and make a ton of money to change this world for the better. I want to start college funds for kids who cannot afford it so they don’t have to do drastic things like go overseas, or work at a fast food place and scrimp and save for 10 years to finally get the money to go through college. A lot of times, we say we want to do something, but we don’t because we lose belief in ourselves and start trusting in our “stuff” that we buy.

Let’s WAKE UP people!! Let’s get to helping each other instead of keeping our “stuff” to ourselves. If you GIVE you will have more than you could ever hope to have or even imagine. Giving is living, denying is dying.

Thanks for reading, everyone! I am praying for all my readers around the world to love each other and spread the love like fire. I want to give as much encouragement, and hope and love as I can while I am still alive. I want you all to know you can do whatever you want to do, as long as you want to do it badly enough! I believe in you!




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