Success Is: Sharing Victories!

I’m not afraid to stand out anymore. I’m “different” people say: but I take joy in that fact. However, the reality is this: I am NOT that much different. I thank God I finally realized that. Can you imagine being happy and caring, a sensitive soul, someone who wants to help this world and love and be loved, but thinking you’re the ONLY ONE that feels that way, or the only one that “gets it”? It was too much to bear. See, there are a lot of good people in this world. There are a lot of caring souls, and there are a lot of people who have battled (and conquered): things such as: drug addiction, weight problems, child abuse, domestic violence from a spouse, molestation and rape, cigarette addictions, food addictions, emotional problems, cancer–and many other things I’ve faced.) And I DON’T REGRET THEM! I’m proud to have faced these things because now I can help others who have gone through it and hopefully a lot of y’all (ESPECIALLY kids) won’t have to go through the things I’ve gone though. I would do it again for y’all too, especially my family. I love you all. This is just the beginning of a series, because I know people work and have kids and go to school and I am very proud of all of y’all! THANK YOU so much for blessing me by sharing, liking,  messaging me and emailing me. Thanks for sharing YOUR victories with me too! It is my pleasure, because I do this for you!


Love and prayers,




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Liberty Justice

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