Grateful God Made Me Better, vs “Easier”Life

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the day I had today. Often I think “Nobody appreciates me” or “I’m doing too much ministering and talking to people, when I should be writing more. Besides, it’s not like anyone cares. I need to make money and this is not helping me.” Well, I take time for people. I can’t talk to every person I’ve ever met, and talk to every new person that tries to talk to me every single day. I can only do what I can do. People understand if I don’t talk to each one of them for 10 mins or more. Plus, I know how grateful I am when someone’s sweet to me–for example (pun intended) someone gave me two chocolate bars today, this man that has an office next to me–he specifically bought them for me. He thought of me. Although I can’t eat them, because they’re dairy, I said “I’ll keep them, I’ll bless someone else with them. Thank you so much for thinking of me honey.” A bonus was he read my articles and said “I loved them”. I take that as a person (and God) telling me I AM worth my weight in salt. AND I take it that I’m doing a GREAT job in learning communication skills with people and becoming a better minister. I also had a really sweet, beautiful lady give me the Hello Kitty watch right off her arm! THAT is Jesus! She said “I’m collecting things for you.” This was all after I took the time (even though I didn’t want to because I was stressed and afraid I’d be BAD at this interaction) to talk to her, listen to her, and I even understood her. I even disclosed some stuff about my own similar situation, and she confirmed my thoughts about something (and someone concerned) I’ve been praying about for many years! I just thank God I finally have people who care for and appreciate me. It took A LOT of work on my part, mostly listening and knowing others, in order to know myself better and straighten up own inadequacies. The more humans I talk to, the more I love other humans, and the more I love myself, which makes me love God more and helps me to love others better. I want to get better. I don’t ever want to be the one talking bad about others. I don’t ever want to be the one yelling, sharing my stress with others or telling them it’s ok to use drugs or making light of stuff like that. I want to give positive reinforcement for the good things people do. No matter how “small” others think it is. Small steps are still steps, and it makes a huge difference. If we don’t get encouragement for the “small” steps, we may never make it to the “big” steps.
Which brings me to another HUGE HUGE blessing. ONE OF THE BIGGEST! I want to publicly thank God and everyone who supports my brother, Will. I am so proud of him. He’s alive today, because I prayed fervently for many years about him overcoming his addiction. My brother is a part of me, that I am not ready (and don’t think I’ll ever be) to part with. I thank God he’s getting back to his old self, he got a degree from Triangle Tech, he’s a SUPER AMAZING dad, and he’s FINALLY getting over that old relationship—and loving himself more. AMAZING things are coming, WILLIE!! Jenny, YOU TOO! I thank God for you and your resiliency. I have loved you both since I have known you and I’ve loved your kids as though they were my own. You are ALL a part of me, heart soul, and the BLOOD we SHED together! My heart bleeds for you and I cry..but NOW it’s SWEET TEARS OF VICTORY! GOD IS KING! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! I praise the Lord He is once again bringing unity to our little family! Thank you Jenny Rose, Willie, Kellie, Zane, Rye, Kyle, Hannah, Dylan, Blake, grandma, Kat, and Papa and Nana—for loving me and inspiring me DAILY!


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