Birthday Blessings Blog: THANK YOU EVERYONE!

BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! I want to thank everyone involved for making my day EXTRA special! It was my very first birthday back at Fort Jackson and the weather was great! The only time there were drops was when I was in the movie. Thank you Jesus! It was 80 degrees all day! So HAPPY to finally have a nice warm birthday. I got up and I did some reading and praying–and fighting my urge to work. I’m PROUD to say, I didn’t touch my computer all day–just a little checking Facebook and Yahoo on my used-to-be-phone. I took a few things with me and I got a free cup from the lady at the Circle K (They normally charge for cups and I used it to microwave my special water for my tea.) I spontaneously ran on the street for the first time in a while, and was excited to do it, since I couldn’t even walk last year. I saw a special bus driver I love–a STRONG, BOLD, CONFIDENT lady who inspires me to be the same! I ran on the treadmill at the gym and I got my shower. I went to a restaurant filled with people that are very special to me. I asked the sweet young man in charge “Do you think you can make gluten free pancakes in under 10 mins for me?” He said “We can try.” “Are they free for my birthday?” (Again, I had prayed about this) He said “It’s your birthday?” I said “You wanna see my ID?” He did, and I joked to the young lady “He just wants to see how old I am so he doesn’t have to ask me.” So, he made them, and I saw the bus and I grabbed the bag and started running, although I had planned giving him a tip. I said “Man that was RUDE, Liberty! Go back and give him his tip!!”
I forgot to apologize for being so rude. God has blessed me with amazing people surrounding me on all sides, I’m finally starting to get some success in my career, not to mention the fact that I’m healing. I can’t get an attitude problem now. Shortly after this, I went to a movie–Peanuts. It WAS awesome! The BEST part about the movie? I had to force it at first,  but I took no food, no drink, and I was not on my phone, the internet, NOTHING! I did not have to talk to anybody–it was just ME and CHARLIE BROWN!! I really enjoyed it. I also took those sweet pics, and I joked with a male employee. “You got food in that closet? I’m gonna come in there and eat with you! You’re a dream come true!” Then after the movie a lady in the bathroom said “Don’t you write for the newspaper?” WHAT A DAY! I had people honking at me all day. I had people coming to me saying “How are you doing?” NOT because of my birthday, just because they care. I called Smoothie King to order and got my free birthday smoothie and the manager came in to say Happy Birthday to me! We had a really great conversation and it BLESSED me to see this special man’s eyes light up and his wonderful laugh and smile. I got my Kale and walked back to my place to eat and said “God, I can do without my baked potato today, because you blessed me with such amazing people and you didn’t let my work addiction take over me. Thank you, Lord.” BUT I DID get my baked potato, right after that! I cannot tell you how happy and GRATEFUL I am for all of you! To top it all off, I got home and got my package of food I ordered came for my birthday instead of Monday! God is right on time, I had prayed for that too! I won’t have to worry about getting food today! Thank you Jesus and THANK ALL OF YOU!


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