How Purity Made Me More Beautiful

It’s not that purity necessarily made me more beautiful, but I am more aware of how others value me now, and why. I have come to realize this past year that people like me for me. Men like my personality and my heart– it has nothing to do with my body or the thought that they may get sex from me one day.

Men take the time to talk to me and get to know me. It takes them a lot longer than I’d like sometimes. Most people are generally more guarded than I, but I feel like when it comes to people– including women– I need to just jump right in and learn about them, who they are, what they love and so on, the sooner the better.

I’m so glad I’ve stayed pure, because not only does it set me apart from all the other women out there (Come on, how many men OR women wait til they’re married these days? EVEN those who SAY they love Jesus??) It also has shown me so much about myself.

We don’t know how long we’ve got, and my friend Alia’s murder showed us that. Well, it should have, and unfortunately it usually takes YOU having a death scare for you to start truly living and appreciating people. That’s pretty much what happened to me.
I’m not trying to start relationships with anybody, I just try to show each person I meet as much love as I can, because you never know what kind of a difference you will make in someone’s life. You never know when you may save a life, you may treat someone so well, their suicidal ideations flee. You may believe in someone so much that they stop using heroin or other drugs that poison their body. I say, live each day like it’s your last—like it’s your last opportunity to love or do something good, and forget the bad. But at the same time, live each day like it’s your first—keep your curiosity and leave your judgments behind.

Thanks for reading everyone! I’m praying for you.




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