Get Lost!

Sometimes God wants to take away the crappy stuff, or sub par, or even good stuff to give us the extraordinary stuff and live we are asking for.

In “losing myself”, that is when I found myself. When I lost my home, I found my real home. When I “lost” my family, I gained a new one. Columbia is my home. I am proud I moved here and I am finally proud that I am here.  I am ok with the mistakes and failures I make, because I have learned so much. I am so glad that I can finally be proud of myself because I’m doing the things I said I’d do. I’m following my dreams no matter what the cost, because I want to empower others and give them as much encouragement in life as possible. I’m proud that when certain things don’t work out, I go to praising God for what He’s done and is doing and will do in my life start talking about my dreams. Then I will go lift others up and just be thankful to everyone who has been there (here) for me and done anything for me. I thank God for all I have and all He’s taken away! Especially my old ways! Praise the Lord that this sapling is turning into a mighty Oak!

Love you all and THANK YOU!


Published by

Liberty Justice

Author, Speaker, Musician--GAME CHANGER! CHAMPIONS CO-EXIST, come to join us on YouTube!

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