The New Social Lubricant:


We cannot survive as a society without gratitude. We need to be grateful to each other, that we’re here for each other. Ever notice how when you express gratitude to someone, they want to do more for you? When someone does something for you and you’re grateful, they will want to do more.  I recently cooked for a lady friend of mine, she kept on going on and on about how great my food was, and she told me how cool I am and I’m beautiful and she was so thankful I helped her. I took out garbage and did laundry, just normal household stuff.  Her gratitude and joy receptivity made me want to do so much more. I would’ve cleaned her entire house but I was too tired. I said to myself “There’s always another day”.

Society has tiers. There are rich people, and there are poor and every subtle level in between. It’s like everyone has to find someone who is below them. Sometimes, certain people with money act as though people like garbage men are beneath them, but they don’t stop to think how much we need the garbage men. I had to walk through Five Points the day after the flood. It had been at least two days since they’d taken out the garbage. Two days without taking out Five Points’ garbage? A little background: Five Points is the college watering hole here in Columbia. It’s a tiny community right outside the college campus. It’s filled with mostly bars, The Waffle House and Cookout (fast food). You get the picture, don’t you? It wasn’t pretty. I walked by one bar and almost lost my stomach, which is not an easy feat. That’s when I thought “Man the garbage men would really be helpful right now”. You see a garbage man, and suddenly he’s no longer beneath you, but he’s your friend and you realize, “We can’t live without you, and we thank you”. They do something you would never want to do. They may not want to do it either, but suddenly, the garbage men are being thanked, and they feel so great they’re appreciated, and they’ll be doing a better job for you. If we all realized how much we need each other, we’d all be a lot happier, healthier and work better and less stressed and have more money.

I LOVE YOU COLUMBIA! Thanks to all who read, I love you too! xoxox



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