Waning Confidence? Here’s Your Flame!

Recent Revelation; The same reasons I had no confidence (and faith was shaken) are the same reasons I should have more confidence and faith. 

Example: When I was running through my little town of Forest Acres and saw my friend’s business and saw that it was tore up, I saw the bus and I ran to catch it and I saw a “lady” in her car laughing. I did get a little upset but I didn’t let her know it. I was happy I could run, because last year, I couldn’t walk. After I wiped the tears, and sweat off my head and began breathing normally, I almost let her get to me, I prayed though, and God reminded me: I was led here by God because I am a leader.  I simply started going “Woohoo!” “Yes!” “Thank You Jesus!” and celebrating, punching the air. Then she laughed once more, then I started laughing at her, and I guess she realized that I was subtly saying “Who’s laughin’ now?!”

I won’t let anyone hold me down anymore, no matter who they are. I’m a winner! I did say that aloud: “I win!” I also said “I rebuke you Satan, get behind me in the name of Jesus”.  I would not let her get to me. I didn’t call her names or try to put her down in any way, I simply acknowledged my own greatness and victories and laughed at the way she tried to hold me back, but failed. I was thinking of the “things” she and society as a whole have and still no security, yet I have victory and security in Jesus. There’s something I have that’s eternal and cannot be taken away: I have Him. I don’t rely on the phone she was on, not the car, not the guy,(she was in the passenger side); but God and I are driving me. I also remembered she’s probably just jealous. I also lost 200 pounds and overcame cancer, to name a few. I became crazy at that moment, because I realized I am finally the soldier that I was supposed to be back then and I had joy unspeakable. Then she got out of the car and went inside the store her man must have been in.

Thanks so much,

Love y’all!




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Liberty Justice

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