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I needed to write a “Blessings Blog” today. I owe it to God, myself and the world. I have to say I am so blessed these past two weeks. I look back at the day I found out my friend Alia was murdered. Rewind to Tuesday:  I prayed for and was blessed with a ride down 378 in Lexington; the woman paid for my hotel room for an entire week. I then went to the Lexington Medical Center Cafeteria (Wednesday) because they have an excellent staff,  free wifi and don’t tell me I can’t bring outside food. Well, it happens that that day was one of the last days before I got paid, and I thought I had $3 in my account, but I only had about 2.47. So, a sweet lady paid for my salad bar. As soon as I ate it, I found out Alia was murdered and was immediately sickened in my stomach and heart when I saw this happened in my little town. I love Columbia but Forest Acres is my “home”. The people are the best, and it’s close to base.

I was on a really nice roll– writing, working on editing my book, my blog and a bunch of stuff I had gotten done that day. Alia’s death, especially that it was at Richland Mall– people in that place are really sweet to me and support my career—shook me a little.

Then the trifecta was the flood. I am inspired by the way this community has come together, yet so hurt by the fact that it seems to always take a tragedy or something major to pull a family, town, or country together.

So, now that all this flood stuff happened, and it sorta shook the bedrock of my foundations I had built and it made me want to run away, but instead, I ran back into Forest Acres–daily and I stay here as much as possible.  

Doing the opposite of what my “feelings” and what I sometimes think is God telling me or what my “intuition” is telling me is one of the main things that’s helped rid me of fears, and become comfortable with who God made me to be. Now, I have unshakable faith in Christ as my foundation, and no bridge collapsing is going to allow Satan to take the promises God has given me. I am finally “home”. To me, being home used to mean having a good family, friends and community that supported each other and feeling safe. I am editing that thought a bit: add this– I love myself unconditionally, and I enjoy my “flaws”, that is what makes others want to be around me. I am a fearless leader here in Forest Acres and hope to be an empowering example like Alia.

I delight in the Lord, therefore He gives me the desires of my heart. (Psalm 37:4) but I also delight in myself.


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