Take the Box Off that Shelf

What if I had a box in my closet, covered with a blanket and hidden inside another box? If nobody knows it’s there what good does it do anyone? It ceases to be a gift until it is opened up and shared with it’s intended recipient. Intentions are not measured, actions are. There is no way you can use a gift that you don’t know you have. Love ain’t what you say, it’s what you do!

What if someone loved you with all their heart, but you really didn’t have a clue? If they told everyone else how much they loved you and were always saying great things about you and how smart you are, how much they believe in you, how brave you are, and all these other great things, but never gave you the slightest clue, how would that make you feel? Would it feel good knowing that you had to see this person all the time and they would be like an actor and never tell you anything they ever said and never share their true feelings with you?

“Open rebuke is better than secret love” (Prov 27:5)

If you love or even like someone, or even if you don’t like them, but admire something about them, tell them today. You never know what an encouraging word can do. You heal the bones or cause someone to stop their suicide plan. You may even stop their homicide plan. These are serious times of lack of love in our society, people. Let’s show love while we are here on Earth!

I’m grateful for you and as always, prayers and hugs!





Published by

Liberty Justice

Author, Speaker, Musician--GAME CHANGER! CHAMPIONS CO-EXIST, come to join us on YouTube!

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