Success Skill #5: Love (Fruits of the Spirit Blog Series)

What is love? First, “God is love” (1 John 4:8.) Can we even come close to Him and how He loves? I believe we can, because we are commanded to: Jesus admonishes us “Love your neighbor” WATCH this last part: “AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF” (Mark 12:31) (Emphasis mine). You must love yourself, of you are unable to love others. Love is giving without expectations of ANY type of reciprocation. It’s putting your heart out there, being unafraid, and not caring what that person thinks. If they think they got over on you because you gave them money, let them take it up with God. You know why you did it.  Love is being genuine. God is God, He’s real, and He tells you in his Word, straight up who He is. You can either accept Him or leave Him, but He doesn’t try to force Himself on you. Love is also a choice. You have to choose humans, just like you have to choose God. So, if you’re not chosen, be chosen by someone else. Humans are irrational, we often don’t give people enough  time to get to know us or to know them. As a result, we don’t have as much information as we need to truly appreciate the person and love them.

God forbid should we find one tiny little flaw, like person always has garlic breath and they’re hard to talk to. We can’t live with that huh? We can’t tell them the truth either, eh? Can’t start if off right, can we? “Faithful are the wounds of a friend” (Prov 26:7).  If a friend tells you the truth, that’s how you know they really care, and they can be trusted. Someone being nice, never saying anything real about yourself cannot be trusted and you will never be able to be your genuine self with them. People lie or withhold things from you, mostly because they want to be lied to and told what they want to hear, not what they need to hear.

We forget we have flaws, and we’re human. So sometimes, it’s the fact that we’re afraid the person won’t accept our flaws. We put certain people on a pedestal sometimes and that’s a lot of pressure. But if we just go talk to them, we will see they have flaws, and it can make us feel safer sharing ours. Maybe they won’t see what we see as our “flaws” or “discrepancies” as flaws or discrepancies, maybe they’ll see them as assets, and we can use each other’s “flaws” to make up for what the other person lacks. Ever think of that?

We mainly have to remember that it’s not about us. Every person gives and receives love differently. Until you understand how that person loves, you will not be able to love them successfully. Unless by chance they wake up and come to the realization that the way you are loving them, is simply how you send and often times (but not always) receive love.

The most important things are loving others the way they need it and receiving whatever  love you get, accepting it and being grateful for them and for God loving you through that person.

Thanks so much. I appreciate you all!

Love Always,



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