Success Skill #4 Patience

Through all these trials and the “worst” time of my life, I chose to ask God for wisdom to better prepare me for His purpose above all things. He revealed so many things to me that have helped propel me into excellence, but it will be hard for you to actually grasp until you’ve gone through certain things. I asked God to use my hardest times–right now–to make me better–right now. A lot of the things I do have been criticized like you wouldn’t believe, but that’s because there are too many cowardly people out there that don’t know God. They haven’t had enough horrible things happen to them spark that lion in them that makes them hungry enough for change. They believe in their own power, but then blame God for the things that go wrong. Personal accountability has somehow taken a turn and been flown off the radar, how is that?

I wanna be transparent with you, you deserve that. Hopefully, my disclosures will help y’all. Hopefully, you’ll learn from my mistakes. I can tell you that pretty much everything that’s happening to me right now is entirely my fault, and sometimes my own doing. Long term illness? Yep, my fault. Broke? My fault. In a lot of pain, physically, yep again, my fault. Did God use these things to make me better? YEP! But again, it is MY DOING, because I ASKED HIM TO HELP ME AND THEN PREPARED TO FACE MY CONSEQUENCES AND STOPPED RUNNING!

There’s no point in asking God for something if you’re not prepared to take the lessons the way He gives it and do the things on your end that are necessary for success. You can’t expect the things God wants you to do to become better to be easy. Once you start doing them and get into the good habits for a while, they become second nature, though. Seriously. read Darren Hardy’s “The Compound Effect”. You’ll see what I mean. I become better every day because I am walking with Jesus and reading the Word of God and I am trying to do better than I did yesterday.

When you have a target you hit it every time, as long as you stay on course, and have your map. Let’s all aim for LOVE, and we’ll blow hate to smithereens!

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2 thoughts on “Success Skill #4 Patience”

    1. Ty SO MUCH David! That means THE WORLD~! As I’m SURE you realize…We’re at similar points in our life..Which is why you “get me” to a point and you do what you can to reach out…THAT is caring..Thank you! You, Hawaiian Punch, and Brian are in my prayers! See you at 9Round soon!


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