Skill for Success #3: Long Suffering

Google gave me quite the introspective intrigue. Here’s what it said: “Having or showing patience in times of trouble, especially those caused by other people.”

Probing deeper, I found something that said “aha” moment to me! says: To be longsuffering, then, is to have self-restraint when one is stirred to anger. A long suffering person does not immediately retaliate or punish; rather, he has a “long fuse” and patiently forbears. Longsuffering is associated with mercy (1 Peter 3:20) and hope (1 Thessalonians 1:4). It does not surrender to circumstances or succumb to trial.

During my most difficult time and deepest struggle, this has been the hardest to deal with other people. During my time of cancer, partial paralysis, aloneness and homelessness (to name a few) there have been people that have pushed me, hit me, touched me inappropriately, and yelled at me. People have talked about me mercilessly like I’m dog and I can’t hear or understand what they’re saying, even though I’m in the same room, within earshot and can usually see them as well. There have been people who have backstabbed me, and told me I need to lie and be someone I’m not. “Tell a white lie and this shelter will get you in.” The Bible doesn’t color code them a lie is a lie and it’s wrong. I’ve been cross-examined and interrogated. You name it, it has probably happened. The fact that people are talking about me and trying to hurt me with words or whatever else shows they’re jealous and it shows I am doing something right to have so much opposition. If everyone was nice and liked me I’m doing something wrong and trying to please everyone which is wrong, not my current style, the same thing most people do in this world (and makes me sick) and it’s impossible.

When I let things go, this is my strength and self control, and it feels great. Sometimes this means pretending I didn’t hear people talking about me, or pretending they didn’t just hurt me or insult me. This is what God wants and it is what Jesus has done. First, when someone is screaming at me, the Bible says “Do not argue with a fool, from a distance, nobody will know the difference.” Also, when someone is talking bad about someone else, I noticed that even if it’s someone I don’t necessarily like, it brings something up in me. It makes me dislike this person talking. Also, if someone is going to be mean and rude let them dig their own hole. If I hold my tongue, they’ll pay, through God and even through society. Only good things can happen when I keep my mouth shut, starting with my good standing with God, my pride in myself—I didn’t let them get to me, my health, because I didn’t allow them to make me physically sick, and I can sleep good at night because my conscience is clear. Most importantly, this person and others will see the errors of their mistakes, and prayerfully it will draw people Christ. Being different makes me shine, beautifully and this is what draw others to Christ. If I’m last one, I’m still happy. But I choose to believe I am the leader that will draw others in. It starts with one person. BE that change you want to see in the world!

Love Always,


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