WARNING: Symptomatic with Stagnation

WARNING: Symptomatic with Stagnation

This is the most active I’ve ever been in every area of my life. Is it a coincidence that I’ve done the most healing and become the most successful as well I think not. I did nothing for 10 years, so it’s like I’m making up for it now. Thank God. I only wish I had begun my real life sooner. This is the life God meant for me to live. This is also the most confident I’ve ever been. My confidence is in the Lord. I cannot be shaken.

God was stirring within me, telling me “MOVE!” for so long, but I didn’t listen. Now I see that I should obey the Commander-In-Chief if I am going to move up the ranks! Praise God!

I asked Him for more faith. Little did I know that turbulation I was about to ensue on this flight was what I needed to shake me into becoming the Mighty Oak He created me to be. I have a higher purpose and it’s leading people to Christ and to victory through Him. It is teaching others how valuable we are and that we need to value each other above everything. Possessions only distract us from God, and that’s Satan’s main objective. Everything has it’s season and purpose and I can see what mine more clearly now. Whenever I go into a trial, I ask “God what do you want me to learn from this? What’s my part in it?” Then I trust Him with everything, because of last year.  I couldn’t walk and I told everyone I would be healed and I would be an athlete again, and I told them I’d be stronger and better than ever in every way. I told them I’d make my dreams as an author and world renowned holistic doctor! They didn’t listen! only a few believed in me and I thank God for you still! I am walking now, in fact, I am running small amounts. I do interval training on the treadmill almost every day. So, it’s usually only 5 minutes total, but it’s something. I can run at a faster pace than I could a few weeks ago. I praise God for progress, because that is what keeps me alive! It will for you too! Just run your race and remember: Pain=progress. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you, too! (Phil 4:13)

I love you all! Tell me how this blessed you! godlyrenegade78@yahoo.com



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