Pick Performance Over Potential (Men and Women)

DISCLAIMER: The “they” I am speaking of is referring to the BAD men..NOT ALL men..obviously…still had to say it…

When you go to a car lot, do you look at a car and say “it’s beautiful” then test drive it and say, “Well, there’s so much wrong with it, but it has so much potential, let me go ahead and purchase it now and just hope and pray it works the way I want it to later on”? If you do, you need your head examined or you have NO self esteem.

If you don’t—WHY in the WORLD would you choose a mate this way? Why date someone who isn’t what you want? They will only show you more stuff that you won’t like, believe me!

The main reason we compromise for a mate–whether we are male or female–is because of fear. Two main fears come to mind: 1) Fear we’re not good enough. 2) Fear we won’t have enough. (not enough men or women to choose from). These are the two fears I’ve found that permeate every area of our lives, whether it’s financial, spiritual, social, relational, anything. It’s pathetic that we allow Satan to continue to overtake our society the way he has for thousands of years. He’s stronger than ever!  WHY? Let’s start speaking words of life over each other! Ladies, let’s tell other women how beautiful they are! Let’s value other women; STOP THEIR “GAME”! They can’t make us victims if we are good to each other. They use us against each other more than you realize. They work together! They know when we don’t communicate with each other the way we should, so let’s start now! Men talk too, ladies, so beware! Be good to yourself, and be good to others. But be genuine! Jesus loves us all, no matter what! Even if we don’t love Him, He loves us! So let’s be more like Jesus! Love one another!

If you change for someone else, you are betraying yourself and they will lose interest pretty soon anyway. Don’t change or compromise for them, because if you are holding on to the bad, you can’t grasp something good. I always think “He’s pretty decent, but…” Then I start talking to myself  “What if my husband saw me with this guy? OH! I can’t BEAR the thought!”

That gives me the perspective I need and I remember that the man God has for me is already where I need him to be, which is like me, except a little better in certain areas. That man is going to completely understand my work ethic and will let me do my own thing without acting like a selfish child: “What about me? When are you gonna be here for me?” Because he’ll already know something I don’t yet: We have the rest of our lives to enjoy each other.

In gratitude and love always,



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Liberty Justice

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