I’m Cheating, and PROUD! Lexington’s Love Lures Me…

It WAS me! I went to Lexington once and fell in love with him. Now every time I go, I hate leaving Lexington. It’s not that I’m afraid to leave Lexington, I know he’ll be there waiting for me to enjoy his every crack and crevice when I return. It’s not that I don’t want to return to Columbia, I’m excited about it, but my heart is now with Lexington and I’m on the fence.

I wonder if I should move to Lexington? It’s always on my mind. Should I let Lexington tie me down? Should I let him take away my freedom? Am I really free with Columbia? If not maybe I should be where my heart is. But I fell in love with Columbia first. Columbia has a lot to offer. Although, to be honest, that’s kind of the problem. I mean he has theatres, art houses, colleges and technical schools, parks galore, so many things to see so many things to do, and GOSH! So many colorful people! Everybody wants Columbia. It’s not that I don’t love people, and it’s not that Lexington has less people, although, I’m pretty sure he does. It’s that there are a lot less of the wrong people in Lexington, and the people that are in Lexington seem to “get it” more. They understand that life is about being there for each other, because we have all been down before. They seem to understand that when I am working, I am actually working trying to earn a living with the things I write and my online research. This is my life, my calling.

In Lexington, people know and understand what I do, they believe in me and they support me. They actually read my articles that I give them. They actually care. They recognize how much I care and they care back, but they show it. It’s not that Columbia has nobody that loves me, he does. But they don’t show it or even say it. If they did say it, I don’t know if I’d believe them.  Because love ain’t what you say it’s what you do.

I want to thank you, Lexington for all you’ve done for me, all the love you’ve shown me! I am so glad I didn’t make a hasty commitment. In the past I had always done that, and I pray to God every day, for His direction. “Where do you want me to live, Lord?” “What do you want me to learn from this or that?” “Thank you for all these wonderful people in both Columbia and Lexington.”

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