Keeping Your Eyes On the Prize Gets You There Quicker!

October 4 is Columbia and Liberty’s four month anniversary, and I finally learned the value of setting goals. I had that “aha” moment Darren Hardy always talks about when he says “Keep your eyes on the map or you’ll never get there. Your vision must be clear”. He always talks about having maniacal focus. I guess my problem is insecurity and lack of faith: “What if I don’t reach the goals?” I’ll simply have to do the metrics and map it out again until it happens. Make failure my friend. Failure and I are very close…besties one might say.

Last week, I was going down a street I’d never been down. I had the address, I even googled it, I carefully jotted down a few little things on paper about it so I could remember and get to it then refer to it, if I had to. See the attitude? “IF I HAD to” I’d check. Thinking I could do it without the paper. Well, I made that same mistake twice and the third time, in order to save time and not get lost, start crying because I’m hungry and tired, and yelling “Help me, stop the car, I just want directions, PLEASE!” I decided to pray, map it out and write stuff down.

Keep your eyes on the prize. Have a map, refer to it often. I never looked at the map until I got lost, but had I looked at my directions sooner, and not been lazy, or prideful, I could have been there sooner and not been so stressed out. I could have enjoyed my food longer. I could have relaxed before leaving my place of refuge. But instead, I chose to stress myself out. Like I need to feel anxious, hurried and unsatisfied all the time. Well, I decided I don’t want that “fun”, I’d rather know what I am doing, and do it faster, do less but actually get more important stuff done. I am pursuing my passion of writing and now, publishing, no matter what the cost! THIS IS MY MOUNTAIN! ROAR! I’ll be waiting for all you champions at the top!

Thanks again for reading. I love you all, you’re in my prayers, and please drop me a line and let me know how I helped you of if you need special prayer.


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Liberty Justice

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