I Am a Creator NOT a Consumer

I was put here on this Earth to create. When I am not creating, I am miserable, because that is probably the time I’ll become a consumer. A taker, to become fat, and complacent. Complacency never fit my style. I’m a work horse, with a sickening worth ethic. Darren Hardy and Jim Rohn have put it into perspective. I just thank God I am all alone in this, just Him and me. The harder this is for me, the more I have to discipline myself, exercising those muscles and becoming better and the faster my road to attracting success. Casualness bring casualties, Jim Rohn says.

Ever notice what happens to a computer program when it is given too many commands? Yep. It freezes. That’s like us. The worst part is, we never realize what we’re doing and why we become “frozen” until it’s almost too late. Some of us never know because we end up dead, and some people never invite Jesus into our hearts.

Whenever I am a consumer is when I am getting HUGE off the land, doing nothing but taking, which is hard for me because I’m a giver. Also, if you ever help someone else, or do something to life someone else’s day, you’ll be like me and it will become like an addiction to you. You won’t need drugs or alcohol, or cigarettes, or anything else to fill you up if you are constantly giving without expectations. If you are acting like Jesus, believe me, you’ll want to give more and more and you’ll never be sad, not to mention that you’ll never do without. Besides, one day the pendulum will swing the complete opposite side and you’ll end up with 10 times what you gave. In short, be the change you wish to see in the world!

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Love Always,



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Liberty Justice

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