My GPS Wasn’t Wrong

You know what a turning point is right? Basically a point in your life in which you decide to change for the better, but here’s the catch:  you actually go out and do it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be called a turning point, it’d be called a stand standing point, or a thinking point.

Now is not the time to rest my friend. If you are on a path to becoming an entrepreneur, you stay on that path, no matter what the cost. If God put a dream in your heart, follow it until you think you can’t anymore, then follow it harder, because you’re about to have a breakthrough! Break through the tape in this magnificent race!

There was a point when I was about 21 when I said “I gotta quit using drugs” and “I gotta quit smoking” and “I may need to give up alcohol too.” I wasn’t fully aware of how badly the alcohol was affecting me. And that was about 15 years ago. Yes, I am 36. I need to be open and honest with you, in order for you to understand something.

The message I want you to get is this: don’t waste time! Live your life now, you won’t be sorry. Even if you have to give up your favorite sport for a while, or some time with friends. I promise you it will be worth it. Think of your future self. You don’t want to end up broke, alone and dead inside. (Where I was a few years ago) I wasted so much time in my life and I want to inspire you all to go out there and do the things you love to do. There are things that are unique only to you, or very rare things to find in others. You need to follow your dreams. The time to “wake up” is now. Wake up from the nightmare of mediocrity and follow your dreams. You can do anything you want to do, and all you need is one thing: you have to want it badly enough! That’s it! But you have to keep wanting it, because it will be hard. Nothing in life is ever worth achieving or receiving was ever easy!

So, at 36, I’m 7 years clean and sober (8 in December), 9 years cigarette free, and I have kept the 200 pounds I lost off. I don’t put up with stuff from anybody. If someone is mean, condescending, or tries to hit me, I leave. Oh! I also was diagnosed with PTSD and was on medicine all my life. I quit taking them a year and a half ago, and my MIND HAS NEVER BEEN CLEARER! I thank God for all this. I couldn’t walk last year, but God blessed me with the work ethic to get my Masters in writing from Newburgh Seminary. I have an amazing career starting, because God knows I want to help people, at any cost to me personally. It’s because I LOVE YOU! So, please email me, reach out and I will write you back! Thanks for all your support!

With Love Always,



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Liberty Justice

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