I Can’t WAIT to Get Hurt Again!

My friend pulled a stunt, jumping over his soon to be baby girl’s crib, he broke his ankle. Guess he thought he was Tony Hawk. He told a mutual friend “I’ll probably do it again” We both audibly betrayed him “What a fool! What’s wrong with him?” We both said in unison. This guy is cool, he’s a genius, actually. But I said, “Ya know, he has a point. I have to think about this. Maybe I would too.”

It’s funny, because less than a month later, I was in Columbia, South Carolina making it my new home. I have gone through A LOT here and I don’t regret a moment of it. I thank God because I prayed for this. I prayed for a better life not an easier life. Nothing in life ever worth achieving of having has ever been easy. If we get it too easily, we will lose it easily. Kinda like having liposuction. How many of those people gain the weight right back because they eat the same way and don’t exercise? And for me, I love a challenge, but what I love even more is when I rise to that challenge and become better and do the things I need to do to make the things I want in life happen. That is what is happening now, my friends, and I thank God for everything, including “the bad stuff”. The “bad stuff” is still experience and I can still use it some way. I can still write about it. and “An experience is only bad if you fail to become better because of it. “

You see, when I get my heartbroken I just ask myself what can I do better next time? It’s like it’s own metric. I know it’s weird. haha And I know heartache is intrinsic and can’t really be “measured”, I just do my best to track my progress in relationships of all kinds as I do every other area of my life.

Every time I get my heartbroken, I rejoice, even though I’m not really happy at the moment. Because I know that means I’m that much closer to meeting, dating and marrying my husband.

You can’t appreciate the sun if it’s always there. That’s why we need clouds, rain, storms, (snow for you yanks!) hail, and even darkness… We need hard times to make us better and appreciate the good times even more.

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Love Always,

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