Let’s Be Empowered, Together, Ladies! KNOW About Men! (A Preview to My Book!)

As a thank you for reading, I wanted to share a little wisdom I’ve learned from my book! Thanks so much for reading everyone! MEN: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! 🙂 Ladies, y’all are my sisters! WE are in this TOGETHER!

Here’s a list of things men do when they like you

  1. Stare at you (men, this can be CREEPY! Depends on how long you stare and how often, and what you’re doing when you stare.)
  2. If they can’t get your attention that way, they get in your direct eyeline, a bit closer, so they make sure you see them. (proximity)
  3. If this doesn’t work, usually after several attempts, they make some type of noise or do some type of activity where they have to be animated: Ie: basketball, working on their car (and this way they can still see you, (because they’re the men, the hunters)  but it seems like they want YOU to come to them. As I’ve said ladies, if a man likes you, his desire will overcome his fear and he’ll eventually come to you. Just be patient.
  4. They whistle
  5. They sing
  6. They laugh really loud
  7. They get close to another man (sometimes a woman he knows) that is closer to you, and talk to him (or her)–LOUDLY
  8. They find a good “excuse” to talk to you, sometimes, but this is usually a last resort Example: You drop something. Or he hears you talking to someone and butts in.
  9. Once he talks to you, if he gives you information you didn’t ask for. For example: “Well, my degree is in psychology…” And it came way out of left field, that’s a sure sign.

If you feel it in your gut, you know you’re right, so stop reading this, and flirt back! Give him obvious signs. Ask him if he has a facebook account if you’re not already on it. If you are or he doesn’t, and you have a job somewhere, tell him to come visit you there. Or bring him food. Then invite him. Tell him you’re going to the movies later and it would be cool if he showed up. Or give him free tickets to your basketball game. Anything “non-threatening”. 

Just BE YOU, Ladies! Email me, let me know your story, what do you have to add? Or comment on the blog! “Like” my blog, or my facebook page. Twitter @heartandbrains





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