If “Beggars” Were Choosers, They’d Cease to Be Beggars!

Yes, “beggars” as it were, can be choosers. I’ll tell you what, I’m in a REALLY BAD WAY financially right now, and because I choose better, I get better.  And because I do what the Lord wants me to do, is the very reason I DO RISE HIGHER IN LIFE!  I thank God I finally learned the lessons I need to in life, before it’s too late and I’m in a grave.

You can’t get better things if you’re still holding on to the bad things you don’t want. The only way to get what you want, is to first realize you’re worth it. You must then make the thing(s) you want a priority and if you “can’t” leave the bad people, bad things, and bad attitudes in the past, you will never get the good things.

I no longer waste time talking to people that don’t value me or my time (because they don’t value themselves, or their time). I used to let negative emotions drive me, like fear (example: “there’s not enough good men out there for all of us” “I should accept him for who he is” WRONG! You don’t have to accept the unacceptable. ESPECIALLY if someone is hitting you, that’s an immediate DQ (disqualification) LEAVE THAT VERY MOMENT!) I value my time because my time here on Earth is yet another gift God gives me and I want to use every moment I can to serve Him. I follow my dreams, because I am following God. God put these dreams on the inside of me and I want Him to be proud of me for doing His Will!

I remember one time I went out with a very judgmental person. As I was getting my spinach from the buffet she said “Geez, you gotta dig through each and every spinach leaf?” I said “First of all, I’m not digging through every leaf, and I shouldn’t have to, they all should be as good as this leaf. Secondly, I am paying for this, and I am on a budget. But most importantly, I am worth it and I deserve the best. If you want to accept any old spinach, fine, Let me dig for the excellent and don’t pick on me for it, just mind your own spinach.”

The point is, men are like this spinach. There are bad leaves, ok leaves, some good leaves, then finally there are the excellent leaves, for those of us who know we deserve the best and have the confidence to act that way.

I no longer feel empty like I “need” a man to complete me, I already have a man that does that, it’s Christ. I also don’t feel that fear that “I’ll never find a good man” because there are plenty of them that want me, and I have to get to know them and simply choose the one I want right back. Just as Darren Hardy says “Success is not something you get, it’s something you attract by the person you become”,  so is it with men. I will attract my husband by who I am becoming, and I will not need to “chase” him, or “find” him, I will simply have to recognize and appreciate him when he shows up!

Thanks so much for reading! As always Liberty is praying for you!

I love you all, please let me get to know you! Send me an email


Love Always,



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