How I Fell for Devine Fire Department

I took a nasty spill. I never thought I’d hurt that much from a fall on the sidewalk! Little did I know I was about to experience a deeper pain: the heartache that would ensue when this one special man was out of my life.

I knocked and I knocked and they weren’t home. Finally, I called 911. I hung up because I found a doorbell. Bloody and frustrated, I finally I left. As I reached the end of the block, Engine number 9 pulled in.“There you are! I’ve been looking for you. Thank God you came!” They’re a small, close knit bunch. One was an especially sweet man with a poetic name. I said “That’s your name?..aww”. I must’ve made him feel special. At least I hope I did. Some wise guy started picking on us “hahaha!!” I said “You just shut up…” (In a loving, joking way, of course.)

So, he cleaned my cuts all sweet and lovingly, and he tried to talk me into going to the hospital because I said I was dizzy and had head pain. They all had tattoos, except my number one sweetie. I said “You’re an original!” Then he told me “We care about you, that’s why we want you to go get checked out at the hospital.”

But I really fell for him when he put the gauze around my elbow on my really bad boo boo. I thought “aww, he cares about me. Look how sweet and gentle he is with that gauze.” He had a sweetness about his voice, his face was stoic, not smiley really, but just sweet and gentle.

I walked in with some cuts and bruises and blood; I walked out with some new people to pray for and some fuel to go on with my new life in Columbia. THANKS Devine Fire Department!

With Love Always,


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Liberty Justice

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