Your Mouth Can Make You Ugly

Ever notice how the one calling another person names is the one that looks like crap? Ever notice how the “victim” in many cases is often the victimizer? When you speak badly of another person and all the toxic energy spills out of you, it doesn’t look good. It makes you look ugly. It makes you look like the villain, when the ironic part is, it’s your intention to villainize the other party you speak of. Who is going to want to talk to someone that hateful? I’ll tell you who, hateful people. You are not only going to make yourself look like crap, but you will attract more of the “bad people” you speak of.

What you put out there is what you get. It’s not some “magic law” or “karma” or anything like that. The “secret” is simple; be the person you want to attract. That includes friends, romantic relationships, business, everything. You must always  be the person you want to attract.

You may be a stellar soul. You may be a very good, logical, caring person, but one bad day, where you slip up and start talking the wrong way can put you in a bad spot in your relationships, or really in every area of your life.
If you don’t believe me, sit back and just listen to people some time. Let me give you a little illustration. One day, I got on the bus and saw these two guys who looked very intelligent. I don’t know why, they looked like intelligent business men. They were dressed decently, they looked clean, etc. I thought, “These may be interesting people I can talk to intellectually.” They were in the middle of conversation, so I said to myself I’d talk to them if there was an opening. For some reason, the one guy became very loud after I got on the back of the bus a few rows behind him. I tried to put my headphones on but my music device wasn’t charged enough. So, I kept my headphones on and proceeded to listen to whatever I could hear from his conversation. He did most of the talking, the other guy barely said a word. He was saying some very rude, mean and disgusting things. It was all centered on women. He was talking about all the “_______” he was sleeping with. He made me so sick. Do you know how hard it was for me to hear that and not say anything to him? I really wanted to bash him verbally. I know it wasn’t right and I know this “man” is suffering, but I couldn’t stand the injustice for these ladies, even though I didn’t know their names, or anything about them, it was very hurtful. I wished I could tell them about him. I never said a word. Later, his friend said something when he saw me sitting down at the bus station. He made a comment on what he thought was my race. “white, black, etc” is a distinction that I don’t like to put on people, but the point there, is they don’t know what my race is, am I white? Am I biracial? (Btw did you know there are more than 2 races?) I know what race I’m running so it doesn’t matter. But I’d never hang out with this dude willingly ( I may have to ride the bus with this guy again).

I never said one word to either of these guys, and I pray to God I never do, because it probably won’t be anything nice. I judged them wrongly at first, thinking they were intelligent and business like. I thank God I didn’t waste any of my precious time or energy talking to them, lest I be deemed the cruel, ignorant, uneducated fool that anyone listening probably thinks they are.

I prayed for them, because I figure they really don’t know what they’re doing to hurt themselves. If they’d forget these girls that are so “wrong” and just do what they need to do, they’d be successful in whatever their endeavors in no time. It really helped me get through it just thinking about how much they’re suffering.

If you are suffering, just think of the others suffering too, and keep your nasty words to yourself. Speak life, give people the benefit of the doubt, and don’t make yourself look bad by talking badly of others. Just pray for them. If you do this, you’ll have no choice but to become beautiful!

Thanks so much for reading! Please share YOUR story with me!

With Love Always,



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