Perfectionism: DEBUNKED!

Be Grateful for Your Progress!

When I was younger my mother would ask me to do something for her, and when I did it to her specifications, she would always raise the bar. So I got to the point where I started doing extra, but that wasn’t enough either. She was never satisfied with anything or anyone, but I now know that’s because she has never liked herself. She’s never been fully aware and accepting of her own imperfections.

“Oh, you did do it, but it’s not that great. Plus you could’ve done more too.” So, the next time, I went the extra mile, and that still wasn’t good enough. It was either done improperly or it was something she didn’t want done. So, I kept trying and trying. Sometimes, I would hit the nail on the head–but that was rare. Now I see that is was also contingent upon her mood. It was “wrong” or “bad” most of the time, because that was her mindset.

Even in life, you can do your best, but you can always become better. But why not be happy with you best today, and still be excited about waiting until tomorrow and being better? Just be satisfied and grateful. Don’t beat yourself over the head for the things you think you “should have” done. Take your friends (or strangers) word for it when they say “You’re awesome. You did a great job.” I think we are always a lot greater than what we realize, which can be good for remaining humble, but it can also keep us stuck thinking we are “not good enough”. We have to be in the middle. Don’t think we are above other people, still love them and want to serve them, but at the same time, don’t see ourselves as beneath either. Know that we are ALL great! God bless you and thanks so much for reading!



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