Time is love, but not always. Time is the number one way we show we love someone. We show we love them by spending our most precious, non-renewable resource on them. If I love you, I will spend time with you, I will spend time on you. I spend time for you. I spend time talking about you when you’re not around. If I don’t care, or you are trying to hinder or hurt me in some way, I will not spend my time on you. I have a tight time budget. And since I don’t know exactly when the Father, God is going to take my remaining budget and say “this will go to someone else”, I tend to spend my time pretty wisely.
Time is money, and we need money, and so we can reason that money equals love. That is somewhat true but when you take the time element out of it, it actually makes it the opposite. It shows indifference or a lack of caring. It can sometimes even be a deliberate act of hatred, unforgiveness, or some other negative emotion.                         

Generally, if someone is spending their time on you, even if they’re talking bad about you behind your back, it’s because they care on some level. Some people just don’t know how to show love. Some people think that is love. Some think it’s hate, but hate is just loved expressed in the wrong way, or a way in which we have long agreed is hate and is when someone doesn’t like us, but they do like us quite a bit and want to be like us usually. If someone shows you that much love, come on, you gotta believe that they enjoy you quite a bit and you have something in you that they want.

Thanks so much for reading!

With Love,




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Liberty Justice

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