Face the Fear to Be Successful

I had these dreams and visions for my life for so long, and I started to become angry with God saying “God, why are you allowing all this bad stuff to happen to me still? When am I going to have the life you promised me? God, why can’t I have that fantastic life now?”

One day I had this “groundbreaking idea”. I realized that when God was telling me to do certain things, I talked myself out of it, telling myself it wasn’t God, it was me and my silly dreams that would never happen. I also realize that I was disobedient and that is because I was too fearful. I would always feel I wanted to do something (and wanting by the way, comes from God. The word “desire” comes from Latin meaning “from God”.) So, if there’s something you want to do you should do it, (unless it’s against God’s Word), because it’s God telling you to do it.

When I finally started “makin’ moves” (or getting busy and being diligent with my career and other areas of my life), is when I finally started getting results. I moved to South Carolina June 4, and the power of God is multiplied drastically. I have become a better communicator, better writer, better friend, and I have gotten a job, financial blessings, just about every type of blessing a person could want.

It’s interesting to note that once I got away from the things and people that inhibited me the most. is the very moment my mind became stronger, I started sleeping, I started healing physically, and my relationships and my career started taking off in a huge way.

I could go on forever. There’s so many things that I have now that I never thought I’d have. It’s surprising that it took me so long. I’m so excited about being the person I always wanted to be, it’s not even funny. The world taught me to conform. The world gave me excuses for doin’ the things I was doing, (like drugs and alcohol) and I realize now it’s because they were doing the same things and they didn’t want to step up. They felt that I could do better, but they didn’t want to step up and make their vision real, so I guess it made them feel better that they could hold someone like me back. I find that I’d rather speak life and try to bring someone up, than to put them down. I feel like when I lift someone else up, it lifts me up too. There’s no way you can win if you are trying to hold others down.

If you’re in the mud, it can only get YOU dirty. So let’s all wash ourselves in wealth. Let’s rinse our mouths with the salt of success.

In Gratitude for you and who YOU are,



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