Successful People DO, Unsuccessful People TALK!

Successful People Do What Unsuccessful People Won’t!

Successful people bear with the pain of discipline. They know this pain is temporary, though it takes SO MUCH TIME sometimes, but we are ATHLETES we stick it out until the end of the game. In the 9th inning, we’re prepared to go into 12 or even 15 innings, or as long as it takes. 

Unsuccessful people would rather deal with the pain of regret, which I know from personal experience weighs TONS (and the pain of discipline weighs OUNCES!) I just think of what will happen if I betray myself and don’t say “no” now, or if I procrastinate and don’t do stuff I need to do.

We have endurance, we have stamina. Even when we are sick we will stick it out until the last person goes home, and even stay beyond that to make sure everything is cleaned up and we are ready for tomorrow.

We practice every day, even while we are laying in bed. Success is a way of life. We never have “an off day” we still do our disciplines every single day no matter the holiday, weekends. Success lies in our daily habits. We have to continue doing our GOOD habits to see results.

We never say “I can’t do that” or “I give up right now because this is too hard”

“Have the map before you enter the woods” Brendon Burchard

Darren Hardy says “Don’t start your day until you have finished it on paper. Do it the day before.”

Success doesn’t start tomorrow, it starts today! If you want to be successful start those habits today!

I remember when I was 340 pounds. I kept saying “I’ll quit eating all these chocolate bars for dinner tomorrow. I’ll quit eating McDonald’s tomorrow. I’ll start working out tomorrow. I’ll get out of bed before 9 am tomorrow. I’ll eat more veggies and fruit tomorrow.” ONE PROBLEM: TOMORROW NEVER CAME!!

I thank God it finally did, because now I am 120 pounds. I want to gain a little more in muscle, but I am EXCEEDINGLY HAPPY at my weight and the way my body looks now. The way I feel is SO MUCH better than I felt last year.
You see, it took so long for me to become a healthy eater, (about 3 years, actually) that when I did, I was already on my way to being “terminally ill” although I couldn’t tell. It’s not just from the way I ate, but FOOD PLAYS A HUGE role in healing!

It’s all about moment to moment choices. Small changes make a HUGE difference. It may be hard to not know who won the Indians game, or what happened on the latest reality show, but it’s MUCH harder to tell yourself next year, “Man I’m so sorry, Liberty! I wish I would have done something to make you more successful last year. Sorry I wasted another year!”

START your GOOD habits today, DON’T WAIT ONE MORE MINUTE to be the YOU that you have always held in your mind’s eye! Go after your vision! I am praying for you!


Comment, or email me about your vision, and I’ll pray over you!


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