Unexpected Treasures…Hidden Stuff We find invaluable

I was riding the bus and this Ethiopian restaurant I have seen resurfaced in my memory and what it brought to mind was: This is the reason my relationships have been working out so well since I moved to South Carolina. My relationships are not planned. I decided I am not going to chase people. If someone wants to talk to me, they will. If someone wants to see me, they will.

I feel my “product” is excellent. It’s so good, that people will go searching it out. And that is true for everyone. All of you, you are great and the people that are most like you in enough ways are the ones that will seek you out.

You can’t find what you’re not looking for. Or can you? I think that you get what you want when you don’t “need it”. You have to be you, the confident happy you that you want to be in the future but are too afraid to be now, in order to attract and keep the right people. When I say you can’t need it, I mean don’t be desperate. If you “need” a friend for example, this means you are incompetent and incapable of loving yourself and being your own friend, therefore, who else would like you, if you don’t? You’re with you the most, and you are the one that tells people that they should like you, even if you don’t blatantly put yourself down the first time you meet someone. You tell people how you want or expect to get treated. You may not want to get hurt, but if you play the victim and that’s all you’re used to, be careful because you will keep playing that role until you decide to change things.

There have been some priceless treasures in my life since I’ve decided to accept that not only am I worth it, everyone else is too. Know you are worth it! You are valuable, you are precious, you are needed, you are loved.


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Liberty Justice

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