Believe you are worth it, then ACT!

Nobody ever stole second base by standing on first. I thought of this when I was trying to cross the street and nobody would let me go.You have to have the good posture, then you have to just take what you want.

Nobody gives you success, you have to take it. Nobody hands you money you have to take it.

It took me a long time to realize that until I thought I was worth it. THE REAL MAGIC began when I said it out loud: “I’m worth it” and treated myself accordingly. Then to take it even further, I MAKE SURE that others know THEY are worth it too! We sometimes forget that. I truly believe that the greatest release to wealth is believing you are worth it and acting in accordance. And obviously specifically telling and showing others they are worth it. You have no idea what saying “I believe in you” can do for someone.

Think of it this way:  if you think you’re only worth 25 cents an hour, would you even accept 200$ an hour if it was offered to you? You wouldn’t believe it. I can’t make you believe something you don’t already believe. If you believe the things I say to you about yourself, for example: you are worth it! You believe me because on some level, you already have that belief. You just needed someone to come along and be your cheerleader and show you the way. You have to remember one thing: You’ll never have a greater cheerleader than yourself. You have to do it constantly too. But I promise you that if you keep that going for yourself, and you are a cheerleader for others, you will NEVER go without a cheerleader besides yourself either. Someone will always come along and say it. They may just be a one time cheerleader, but you must accept the love as it comes.

I never believed that life could be this good. I never believed that I could meet such amazing people, never believed that I could actually have the life I dreamed of. I had amazing vision of myself and life but never did anything I needed to do to get there.

I began putting my goals and vision into action with FIRE on July 3, 2015, when I left Pennsylvania and took a 24 hr bus trip to Columbia, South Carolina. Praise God!
I am starting to see MASSIVE success in the areas of my life which have been lacking for so long. AS far as relationships: I never have a day where I don’t feel loved by another being. I have dogs, cats, friends, male and female, grandmother figures, sisters and brothers, and tons of sweet little kids around that show me love in some way. I also have the police, fire departments, store clerks, postal workers, you name it! Just goes to show, you give love, BOY DO YOU GET LOVE! I thank God I am finally in my home. I love you, Columbia! Happy anniversary, baby! (Columbia and I are celebrating 3 months tomorrow!) YEEHAW! Columbia, you are ONE GORGEOUS MAN! Thank you for EXPANDING my life and my writing career!

In love and gratitude,

I am excited to hear YOUR story! xooxox


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Liberty Justice

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