The POWER of Specificity

When God says “Ask and you shall receive”. There’s another part to that formula. It’s asking specifically for what you want. Tony Robbins often says “If you say you want more money but don’t specify, the universe could answer by saying ‘here’s a dollar shut up’ ”

I recently prayed: “God I need 20$”  Well, I got $20. Yes, it came from a human, it didn’t come from the sky. But I also didn’t ask the person for money.

When you ask your mom, “Mom I need a pair of shoes and I can get them right now, If you only give me 20$”. Didn’t you get much better results when you were really specific? And weren’t you much happier? Also, I think people take you much more serious when you have something specific in mind. It shows you really want it, and it means you have really thought it through.

What if you said “Dad, can you go get me some food? I’m really hungry.” “What do you want?” Dad says “It doesn’t matter”. You say. When he comes back and he has food from a certain burger chain,  but you’re a vegetarian and you’re totally against corporate places that mistreat animals and their employees, what can you do? You can only say “It’s my fault, because I didn’t specify.”

How can you get to where you’re going if you don’t know where you’re going? You can’t. If you’re not driving, with your map and directions, you’re subject to everyone else’s driving routes, and trust me, you’ll end up somewhere you don’t wanna go.
It’s the same when we say “I don’t want _________”. Don’t be concerned with where you don’t wanna go, only where you want to go. Your brain sends you to where you don’t wanna go, if that is all you say and think. If you have a clear picture and say “This is where I want to go”. There more specific the destination, the better off you’ll be and the faster and easier it will be to get there.

Get serious, write your goals (map) and clearly map out your destination. The more specific the better. The more specific you are, the more focused you’ll be. Don’t forget to pray and ask God for the specific things you want. God will give you what you want, as long as it isn’t something against His Word. Take God’s Word seriously, seek Him and He will draw near to you. I am the evidence!

I am praying for you all, PLEASE contact me. Email me, facebook me (there’s a link to my page on the home page of this blog) even comment, however you’d like to get in touch. I always answer. Sometimes I don’t see your comments right away (technological glitches) but as soon as I see you’ve been trying to reach me, I get in touch! Thanks so much for reading!



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