Sacrificing Security for Future Significance

I am willing to sacrifice security right now, for significance later. I am willing to do whatever it takes to be successful, as long as it’s not against God’s Word. I am not only willing to suffer right now, I pursue pain with all my passion because that is the only way to learn. I pursue pain, because I know from the benefit of Darren Hardy’s experience, that massive pain leads to massive success. It’s a guaranteed formula. Think about it, how do you become good at something? By first stinking at it. When you first learned to ride a bike, did you know exactly what you were doing the moment you got on? Furthermore, could you pop wheelies, jump curbs, twist and turn your tires and ride no handed within the first year? Probably not. It probably took you until you were a teenager, or pre-teen to do these things. Talent takes time to develop, period.

Are you with me? Are YOU willing to have massive pain right now, in order to have massive success later? Do me a favor, write a list of things you’re willing to give up in order to be successful. Think about how much better you’ll feel if you did it now, giving up something “good” today for YOUR BEST tomorrow. I know if we work super hard today, tomorrow’s benefits will be exponentially better than anything we had to endure today.

Little story about me and MY success so far. I lost 200 pounds. “I can’t tell” you say? Thank you! I became undisciplined after the US Army, because I was massively depressed. So I let my outside reflect my inside. I was into drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, you name it, I probably did it. When I finally decided I’d had enough of being picked on, buying new clothes because I “grew” (got bigger) and generally hating myself because I was out of control, I implemented small changes, like Darren says. Truthfully, you may not want to hear this part, but it actually took me close to 4 years to lose all the weight, and some years after that to realize that I can’t eat the same things and expect to stay a size 8! If you just start small, and work hard, little by little, you’ll reach your goals, you will happy with yourself. This is what Darren Hardy talks about in his book “The Compound Effect”. Nothing anybody says can hurt you when you’re confident in who you are.

Was it hard going to birthday parties and always turning down cake? Was it hard saying “no” to my favorite cappuccino? Was it hard to get out of bed at 5 am and work out before work? Was it hard to say “no” to a gift of food or an invitation from someone I loved to go out to eat? Was it hard passing fast food every morning, afternoon and evening on the way out of my house so that I could take a walk, or do my shopping, and everyday life? Of COURSE! But I simply thought of the rewards if I kept going. I kept telling myself it would pay off, and it DID—ASTRONOMICALLY! And the sacrifices were DEFINITELY worth it, because I AM WORTH IT! So are YOU!

I shall make no apologies about what I need to do, because if I do now, and bow down and do what some individual or society wants me to do, I shall apologize to my future self and I will NOT do that again!

Never again will I bow down and be someone I’m not just appease society or make them feel more comfortable in the mud of the mediocrity. Don’t you SETTLE EITHER! YOU ARE more!!

With love always,



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