It’s Gonna Get Worse Before it Gets Better

Change isn’t easy. But “If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.” This is true. I have made some of the biggest changes in my life in the past year, and it’s worked out unbelievably well.  I thank God! I am a changed woman and now that I know where I made so many mistakes, I am implementing the things Darren Hardy talks about in his book “The Compound Effect”. Thank you so much Darren!

I knew I needed to change some of my habits if I wanted to be truly wealthy in every sense of the word. I started reading Darren Hardy’s “The Compound Effect” Yesterday and breezed through the first two chapters.

I have watched successful people and some of the things they do, I have often felt incapable of doing in the past. The main example: My communication style. I often talk too much, or not enough. I avoid problems with people.

Glancing down at my bruised knee last night, I thought, “WOW! That’s IT! That is what Darren Hardy was talking about in The Compound Effect!”

Darren talks about small changes making a big difference in the long run.  I remember when I lost 200 pounds, sure it may have taken me several years, but it’s a marathon, not a race. If you want any type of sustained success, you will have to be patient with the process. There are no short cuts to success. Would it really be success if it was easy?

“Triumph is often nearest when defeat seems inevitable”
Darren, Jim Rohn, Napoleon Hill, John Maxwell, and many more of my Success Mentors are always telling me (through their books) “A lot more people would be successful if they’d just stick with it. People often give up when it’s hardest, when they would have enjoyed success, had they stuck with it just a little longer. Success is about implementing small changes in yourself daily and consistently for a sustained amount of time. Thank you Darren! I am so glad you’re in my life teaching me and reminding me of the things that make me who I really am!

I love you and appreciate you all!



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