Want the Truth from Men? Do These Two Things

  1. Be able to give the truth.

You can’t ask for something you’re not willing to give. You must have a track record of giving the truth to him. If you don’t this will be hard. If he doesn’t feel safe giving you the truth, meaning if he’s afraid you’ll attack him verbally, he won’t tell you the truth.

2. Be able and ready to accept it. You have to start and show that early on, then you’ll have that track record. Don’t judge him when he tells you the truth even though you may think it’s ugly. Just accept his truth and make sure you understand it. Make sure things are clear for you, ask questions and don’t be afraid!

Ladies if you’re constantly putting down the whole male gender, then you must stop this! If you don’t, don’t be surprised if those bad men you keep speaking of keep coming and the good ones stay away. You get what you expect in life. You also get what you accept.

I asked a guy: “You are always flirting with me, and I know you like me. You know I like you. It’s obvious. So, why haven’t you asked me out?” He laughed “Well, haha….” I said “I know, it’s because you know I’m a good girl right?” He smiled and said “Yeah, I’ve seen you enough times to know you’re a good woman and you don’t do that.” He gave me the truth, all I had to do was ask, and he already knew that I’d accept it, because I give it and because I am that kind of woman. I accept and love others for who they are.

Did it break my heart a bit, sure a bit, but not for me. It broke my heart this sweet, wonderful, intelligent, caring amazing man doesn’t see his worth. He doesn’t feel worthy of me. It also made me want to love him more, because he really needs it. And because he showed me so much love by telling me he knows I’m a good girl, and he was honest with me. I thank God for you, *Robert! You will always be in my heart. You’re safe in my mind, you’re never far…..

*Robert is not his real name. He’s the one I blogged about the other night.

Liberty Loves you! Prayers and hugs


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