Keeping My Mirror Clean

If someone else has a dirty mirror and their reflection is distorted, why would I let that affect me? I don’t have their mirror. I don’t have to look in their mirror. I don’t have to wake up and look at their reflection. I don’t have to look at their reflection last thing before I go to bed.

Do you understand what I’m saying? I’m saying that when someone treats you badly it’s because that is how they feel about themselves and that is how they feel they deserve to be treated. They want you to jump back and treat them badly, then they have every excuse to keep hurting inside and keep their vicious cycle of treating others badly, and they can always say “I was treated badly and I believe I am entitled to treat you badly because of what that last person did.”

To me, I guess the best part, is that my mirror is no longer dirty and dingy like theirs but washed clean. I have the joy of the Lord down deep in my soul!  I should be sympathetic and I should be as loving as possible to them, while they’re around, and when they’re not around, speak only highly of them, as speaking badly will only make my mirror as dirty as theirs. Also, I can pray for them. I have to remember that my mirror was so dusty, dingy and distorted to the point where I almost needed a new mirror! I would do well to remember this, and just show them as much love and compassion as possible. If I simply do unto others….


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Liberty Justice

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