When Getting Your Heart Broken Feels Phenomenal

met a man 3 months ago when I first moved to Columbia who worked at a local business. He was always very kind and respectful. This man was beautiful he was sent from above,  such a wonderful smile, he’s childlike in his demeanor. He is a child of God, he just doesn’t know it yet.

He always greeted me by my name. He was always smiling, such a sweetie. He really cares. He asked me how things are going. This whole thing was and still is so foreign, because I’ve never experienced a male/female relationship like this. And technically, no we didn’t go out we didn’t date of any of that, but all of our interactions are relationships.

I told a friend of mine about the evolution of our relationship. I said “First I was m’am, then I was Liberty, now I’m “babe”! haha What does that mean? He’s staking his claim on me by giving me money?” My friend said “He’s paying you off in installments.”

When this little dance we had been doing finally got the best of me, I prayed about it all day, then finally went to him and asked him.

Lowering my eyes and my volume, I almost whispered: “Robert, are you married?” “No, I’m single” I said “Well, wa wa wa (stuttering) why haven’t you ever asked me out?” He smiled then gave a little chuckle. “Well, I live single.” “Cause you know I’m a good girl and I don’t do that?” “Yeah, I’ve seen you and spoken with you enough times to know you’re a good girl.” He’s always respectful to me, perhaps this is because I am a respectful woman and I command that respect. I got so much out of our interaction last night, I cannot begin to tell you how much this has helped my life. I thank God Robert told me the truth and I thank God I heard from someone’s mouth that I am a godly woman and don’t have sex before marriage. I didn’t have to tell him that, he just knows. My actions, thoughts, words and prayers are consistent at this time and I praise God for how He’s changed me!

Robert, I thank God for your sweet words tonight. It’s still hard to imagine you being a player, but experience dictates I take you at your word. Maya Angelou’s words come to mind “When someone shows you who they are, believe them, the first time.”
I’ve recently begun to take the things I’ve seen in others seriously, whereas in the past, I always thought they were just like me. So Robert, why shouldn’t I believe you? You may drink a lot, you may have a lot of women you play with, you may cuss like a sailor, but that is only what you do right now, that is not who you are. You are a sweet, intelligent, caring, beautiful, amazing gentleman. I should only raise my expectations of you and your character, not lower them. I choose to see the best in others, and I believe in you. I always will. Don’t forget to remember yourself.

I hope you all enjoyed this and learned something. I am praying for you all.

In Love,




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Liberty Justice

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