Poverty to Prosperity

I used to feel so guilty about wanting money. I thought for some reason it made me a bad person. Maybe because someone I love told me that I should get money and forsake love. I will never adopt that attitude, I have however, adopted a new attitude towards money, wealthy people, and my capacity for to go from poverty to prosperity.

I keep my mind positive. I don’t read all that fear-inducing political stuff in the newspaper, I don’t watch the news. I gave up television all together. Once I gave up baseball at the beginning of the season this year, it really negated the need for television.

Occasionally, at the gym, I turn the television on for a change from all the success related audiobooks I listen to. When I do, I am almost always disappointed, but I am also re-energized. I’m so excited that I am so different than I was a few years ago. I was overweight, depressed and had no self-confidence. The sad part is, there were a lot of things I was good at, and I was very intelligent, but had nowhere to channel all that intelligence, intuition, wisdom, talent, enthusiasm and creativity. I wasted it a lot, on the wrong things and the wrong people.

I’m at the point that if something doesn’t do me good in some way, I just stay away from it. That includes but is not limited to: food, certain people, books, machines, clothes, anything you can imagine. If it’s an idea, and it’s worthless, or it is making me angry to think of it, then I will simply find a new idea or concept to replace it. If I have a bad habit I want to get rid of I replace it, if I have a negative thought or an old thought process I want to stop, I simply replace it with a new idea.

If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.

There are plenty of things I’ve never had that I want to have at this point in my life. It’s more than wanting too,  I will have the things I want. God provides my needs, but I believe it’s up to me to do most of the work if I want to get the things I want or anything beyond my needs. That’s why I must stay on track, write my schedule and to do list out the night before, set my priorities again in the morning and don’t deviate from my plan.

I trust myself more and am finally becoming more disciplined and doing the things I need to do, even though I may not want to do them. But the more I step up and do the things I need to do, the more confident I am in doing them. Then I do begin to enjoy doing them and seek out opportunites to do them. That’s when I feel better about myself and my life. Consequently, I am more abundant financially, spiritually, socially, mentally and emotionally.

Thanks and CHEERS Champions! Peace and Prosperity all around!

In love,



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Liberty Justice

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