Saying “no” to your present self so you can say “Yes!” to your future self

The hardest person to say “no” to is myself. Since I’ve consistently said “no” to myself for year, and in increasingly extreme circumstances, I believe remembering this knowledge is what is going to help me keep saying “no” to others. That doesn’t mean just saying no to a person in their face, or when they ask you to do something or go somewhere. It means saying “no” by not returning phone calls right away, it means not going to certain places, not doing certain things. It means sacrifice, especially right now. When you want to be successful, you have to sacrifice certain things. In life, you’ll never get anything worth having without having to sacrifice something hard for you to give up, but the risk is always worth the reward. Just keep your eyes on the prize, keep wanting it badly enough.

So, I thought about it and I say “no” to myself a lot more than I realized. Essentially, when I say “no” to others, this is saying no to myself as well. I am saying “No, Liberty. You love them,  but they love you too, or they wouldn’t be calling/texting, coming over to talk to you. Don’t worry! You keep being you and the people that are meant to be in you life will naturally follow.”  I’ll be like everyone else, only out for self gratification and I’ll have low self esteem and low bank account. I cannot betray my new version of my old self when I was 8, and I cannot stay poor, that’s more painful than anything, trust me!

Because with being poor comes every other human atrocity of which I no longer partake. I thank God I was poor, therefore not only can I appreciate being rich, I can also remember the lessons, I can remember the people and I am able to help them better as a rich person, who was once 210% below the poverty level herself in this great, FREEDOMFUL country in the whole world!

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